Datalogic DS41-40 RED

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Datalogic DS41-40 High Performance Industrial Laser Barcode Scanner

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Datalogic DS41-40 High Performance Industrial Laser Barcode Scanner

The DS41 scanner is a barcode reader complete with decoder, available in several standard models. These were designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements associated with high performance scanning.

  • high scanning speed (800 scans/sec)
  • completely configurable from host computer
  • 2 serial communication interfaces; one can be set as RS232, RS485, or 20 mA C.L., and the other is an RS232 auxiliary interface
  • reads all popular codes
  • supply voltage from 10 to 30 Vdc

The DS41 scanner uses a solid state laser diode as a light source; the light emitted has a wavelength between 630 and 680 nm. Refer to the section "Safety Precautions" at the beginning of this manual for information on laser safety.

The use of a semiconductor laser has made it possible to develop an extremely compact scanner with low power consumption. The reader is contained in a rugged aluminum housing; the mechanical dimensions are 101 x 83.5 x 42 mm and it weighs about 800 g.

The protection class of the enclosure is IP65, therefore the reader is particularly suitable for industrial environments where high protection against harsh external conditions is required.

5 Items

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