Omron CQM1H-CTB41

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Omron CQM1H-CTB41 High-speed Counter Board

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Omron CQM1H-CTB41 High-speed Counter Board

The High-speed Counter Board is an Inner Board that counts up to 4 high-speed pulse inputs at up to 500 kHz, and can perform tasks according to the number of pulses counted.

  • Can count 4-axis high-speed pulses at up to 500 kHz.
  • Provides 4 external outputs on the Board.
  • Both linear and ring counting modes are supported.
  • The input can be a voltage input or an RS-422A line driver input.
  • Three input modes are available: differential phase
  • Mode, up/down mode, and pulse + direction mode
  • The counters can be set to record the present values in decimal or hexadecimal.


  • Pulse inputs (high-speed counter): 4 points
  • (50 kHz/500 kHz switchable)
  • External outputs: 4 points
  • Applicable CPU Units CQM1H-CPU51/61

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